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Help. "Port" a raspbian image (on RPI) to work with BPI

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Today i am using EZ WBC (https://github.com/rodizio1/EZ-WifiBroadcast/wiki) with a RPI Zero as TX and RPI 3B/3B+ as reciever.
The TX side has a RPI camera connected via CSI port.

All works just fine BUT you are limited to use only RPI camera with this set-up and that is a major drawback when it comes to image quality and possibilities to control your camera (camera FW).
Plus I am planning in the future, if the project works out well, start a business and for sourcing reasons you cannot use RPI.
Therefore I am trying to find a guy/girl who could help to do an estimate what is needed to "port" the current raspian image with EZ WBC to be runned on a BPI.
I guess the kernel needs some work due to RPI uses Broadcom.
If you want to be a part of this exciting project do not hesitate to contact me.

At the moment the team consists of one mechanical engineer in charge of the design (he also has his own tool shop with CNC cutters (5 axel) plus drilling machines et.c. One guy in charge of the Android/iOS app (a finished prototype is available), one guy in charge of AI (Neural network - we have a prototype network that works) and a PM located in china taking care of the sourcing part. My self act as general PM plus taking care of funding and the quality plus production.
I am lackin a guy who is familiar with LINUX/RPI and BPI who could be in charge of the programming.
High on the list is to find another SBC (and SOC).

We plan to do a fund crowding summer 2019. Until then there is a lot of hard testing of the prototypes to finalise the requirement specification.

If we succed then the market is huuge - roughly 100 million potential customers in a nich where the competition is close to zero.

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