Why is Your Brother Printer not printing Quickly?

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When your brother printer is printing very slowly,it means that your machine is not working properly. Your printer machine isfacing low speed issues, so we have cost-effective services to fix this issueimmediately. We have world-class printer technicians, who are well-trained andrich experienced for resolving low speed issues as soon as possible. We takeyour device on the remote and try to understand its main causes and resolve itas soon as possible. Our service charges are very nominal and you can pay itaccording to your budget. Our Brother printer support numberis open round the clock to assist you for any type of technical troubles.

You need to clear out the spooler. Only do this if this is a pc not a mac.
I just read this question so I hope I answered it in time for you.
First make sure there are no print jobs stuck in the print queue. (Open your printer icon and check)
Second, open the run command and type: net stop spooler
Open the run command again and type: spool
Now you will see a bunch of folders one is called printers, open that folder and delete anything in there.
Open the run command again and type: net start spooler
Reboot the pc and test...this should fix the problem.
If you still have issues you will need to remove the print driver and reinstall it. but this should work.
Also make sure you try unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in to the computer. Sometimes it is a simple as that.

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