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I have a problem to install client on bananian.
I download a client using wget.
Then make, sudo make install.
Next is to write login and password for client here I got an error (I have an account on
Can somebody help me with this?
Can you just install and use "ddclient".
  1. apt-get install ddclient
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Check: ... dclient-with-no-ip/

Yes, ddclient is the way to go, not just for, but for almost any other DDNS service as well!

Additionally to the instructions posted, you could use
  1. sudo dpkg-reconfigure ddclient
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to reconfigure things with a graphical user interface.

I am not sure if ddclient clients handles the need to manually login to once a month when using a free account.

For the german followers I can give a well meant tip to use the free service from
100% Dyndns compliant (works great with ddclient), free for serveral hosts, no monthly login needed, nice backend with logs.


I'm using ddclient with no issues at all with Hurricane DNS

Not an answer but, I'm using, and you can use cron for dynamic dns updates. I'm using that service, and I'm not installing any 3rd party client at all. Works like a treat.

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