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I need an LCD with touch screen that will work with the Android image. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Something that will connect to the DSI connector or maybe the the GPIO port would work.
The relative DSI monitor is under producing and testing

I still have not found a solution for connecting a TFT + Touch screen to the BPi that will work with Android. Can someone please help me find a solution?!/~/product/id=14647624
I am not sure if this is the right fit.

Thanks for the tip bob, but it is too expensive and I would like something that plugs right in and doesn't use an HDMI converter.

I am still trying to find a TFT board about 5" with resistive touch screen that will work well.

I purchased a 5" with an HDMI converter board with a USB touch controller. It has 2 problems, though. The Pi still things it is HDMI size, so it looks very bad because the converter is downsizing to 480x272.

The touch controller doesn't work because you have to have drivers and they only have drivers for desktop systems. Nothing for Android.

Can someone please point me to a solution that will work right on the BPi?

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Could you give me a guide of how to complie the usb touch panel driver that your bought. I wll try to build it.

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here but it is not android but raspbian is working in raspbarry pi so can you convert for banana pi??

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I'm also trying to interface this 320*240 2.8" SPI display, using notro framebuffer driver, in Raspbian v3 (I already did this several times on the Raspberry Pi)
No success so far.

I tried notro installation guides (kernel, modules) and this :
I'm not very well versed into drivers development thought.

On the other hand, I didn't manage to make a MCP3008 SPI ADC work on the Banana (Raspbian v3), so I think the SPI part may be bugged (even the SPI loop test doesn't work).

I understand Android may be different, just my 2 cents...

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You means that 2.8TFT doesn't work???  if TFT not working what should i do???

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