Fortnite Is Far Better Than Overwatch

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Grabbing the free skins is exactly the same as it's been in the past: all you need to do is head over to the PlayStation store and retrieve them. So long as you've got a fortnite materials for sale account attached to the account you used to retrieve the skins, then they will appear in-game. The catch, of course, is you have to be a PS+ subscriber, but a lot of you probably are anyhow.

Your skin is pretty straightforward, though that is not a terrible thing. It's called"Prodigy", and it is a type of 80's film interpretation of, that I do not know, somebody who's good in math. There's a female version too, which will likely show up at the thing store soon enough. The bug chunky eyeglasses with the dog tags still dangling beneath the bandanna really are a nice touch.

You also get the tabulator back bling, which I have not had a chance to play yet. But it appears to be like the A.I.M. back bling, which counts your in-game eliminations, allowing you to wear your current score with pride into you're inevitably outbuilt and stomped into the ground. Epic is playing with responsive skins and other makeup nowadays, and this is a rather easy quality that's fun to get in the game.

That is all for today: Epic is currently gearing up to its 14 Days of Fortnite, which begins tomorrow and includes a turning of classic Restricted Time Modes in addition to some free challenges and loot. Stay tuned as we see what is up.

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