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Does the Banana Pi Lubuntu Image support QT Applications made for Linux? I've copied my qt application ive build on Ubuntu to banana pi lubuntu, but it wont start because it cant open it.

Anyone got a idea?

thanks in advance
would this link help with your investigation?
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I see Mali GPU and ARMv7 supported devices there, sounds doable. :-) As you already built QT apps you probably know if you need to install some prerequirements, I have no experience there.

Good luck.

Hi ,
Lubuntu can install Qtcreator using "apt-get install qtcreator". Then you can enjoy QT!!!

I wouldnt be able to compile my applications, thats the problem.

you mean cross-compiling???You can copy you codes to bananapi ,then compile the projects in bananapi. you dont have to cross-complie the projects. Bananapi is a computer.

Hi Timo,
have you already tried to compile qt aplications on the Banana Pi? If so, how long does it take?

Thanks for answer!

Did you achieve compile Qt for bananapi ?

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