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Hi there!
Sorry my english is bad.
I want to use the SPI port of banana, as well as the Raspberry.
But even when booting the error message FATAL: module spi-bcm2708 not found.
I use Raspbian_For_BananaPi_v3_1.
Can you help me?
With best regards
use "raspi-config" to turn on SPI

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Please pay attention: spi driver in A20 is not the same as in BCM2835. Please use:
  1. sudo modprobe spi-sun7i
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to load the spi driver.

Hallo Tony!
Thank you very much, now he has found the module.
now I want it to work with Python.
In addition I have done the following:

sudo echo "spi_bcm2708" >> "/ etc / modules"

worked, then a test program is loaded:

wget\;a=blob_plain\;f=Documentation/spi/spidev_test.c O spidev_test

worked, this translated as:

  gcc spidev_test.c


sudo ./a.out

Test works, then

sudo echo "KERNEL == \" spidev0 \. [0-9] * \ ", GROUP = \" spi \ "" >> /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules


sudo groupadd spi


usermod-G -a spi <user-name>


sudo apt-get install python-dev-y


python build


python install

But if I now run my Python program, then comes the error:
....., Line 4, in <module>
import spi
import error: No module named spi

Please help me.
With best regards

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