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Fortnite God of War style start with the Leviathan

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She's unmistakable riding throughout the wintry village called Happy Hamlet in the deep south part of the fortnite items, and the clue is on an outside wall at the background. This particular place up three stories on the exterior wall of a building that faces south, and the very notable nearby landmark is the clocktower just west from the town center.

This place is towards the northeast corner of Happy Hamlet.Players wish to search for the very tall grey-green construction attached to the brown-orange construction that houses Big Shots Espresso coffee store. They'll need to create a ramp of 2 platforms just to get to the exact spawn location of this banner.

Also note that there is a holiday tree only north of this specific location for anyone that still needs to dance close to the trees for the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges.Does this newest loading screen signify that Driftboards might finally make their way to Fortnite sometime soon?

We can only expect so.Season 7 should end around February 27, 2019 -- according to this in-game countdown anyway. So players have plenty of time to complete this and other challenges before Season 8.Fortnite year 7per week 4 challenges and how to eliminate opponents at Expedition Outposts

There will be tons of new Fortnite: Battle Royale players now that the holidays are for the most part over, since I can only imagine how many households just got shiny new gaming consoles. Fortnite is a no-brainer for people to grow their library since it is by far the most popular sport on Earth, but maybe more importantly, it's free. For all the new players dropping in for the first time, welcome, but for everybody else it is business as usual for getting through the week's free and Fight Pass challenges.

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