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Hi!What power charger do I need for my Banana Pi + 3,5 HDD Sata which is use as a seedbox? 1A at 5V or even 6A at 12V? Or maybe something completly different?
The Bananpi would require atleast a 5V 1Amp supply(2Amp recommended) and the 3.5" hdd would have to be powered externally.

Anything above 5v for the pi and you'll smell something burning

http://allegro.pl/zasilacz-molex ... vd-i4518692418.html
Is something like this fine for my bananapi's hdd?

And another question - what is the best os for bananapi? Lubuntu or Raspian? Or maybe something else?

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Yes looks good....

As for the OS choice you could try them one by one and see which one fits your needs and appeals to you.
I personally tend to favour Lubuntu.

My last question for you will bananapi play h.264 fullhd?

I need more help! I bought this and this. How I am supposed to connect it to my banana pi?

The BananaPi Sata cable is for a 2.5" HDD and your's is a 3.5" one,according to your previous post.
So this cable would be of no use to you.

For a 3.5" hdd you only need a sata data cable(the red one) and the sata power cable which is provided with the USB to Sata adapter you bought.
So just connect the red cable between the hdd's sata port and the banana pi's sata header.
And then power the hdd through the power adapter and sata power cable.

Thanks! And do I need some case for my hdd or can I just put it on my desk without any case?

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Well that totally depends on you...if you don't have nosy kids around poking away at the hdd/Pi and you're not in the habit of spilling your coffee too often,you may leave it on your desk.

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