What Problems Are With Gateway Computers?

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No doubt, the Gateway is having a great name & fame. Gateway is known for its quality products all over the world. But as saying “Every Coin Has Two Sides” so Gateway Computer sometimes doesn’t meet the requirement of the users.

In this blog, we talk about what are the problems associated with Gateway Computers.

Gateway desktop computers heat up instantly. This is because of the internal cooling fans breaking down.  When your computer responds abnormally, this can be an indication that it is overheating. This overheating can cause the computer to run slower.

Server overheating the computers and it will shut down or restart on its own.  Overheating is bad for computers, its internal components, CPU, mainboard and video card will all fail and maybe it needs to be replaced ( If the overheating is allowed to continue).

Some of the Gateway laptop users have reported about their screen going blank. The reason behind this is a failed inverter (the inverter is used to controls and powers the lighting elements in the screen)
Another common gateway computer problem cause is burned out backlights. But don’t worry, both can be repaired by the professional.

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