RGB Display Connected to Banana Pi LVDS Interface

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I have succeed in making RGB display work on Banana Pi LVDS Interface. The resolution is not suitable, but it is easy to correct.
Awesome work!!!

So cool! I like it. We finally can use lcd through con2

Reply 1# Andy
Great job...

Could you share the details of the lcd ... any link?

Very cool.
can you share more details?
What about the resolution, are you working on that issue or is it not fixable due to hardware restrictions?

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Good work!

I'm also interested in details, I have an lvds (I think) display that I'd like to connect.
What changes did you need to make on the software side? Kernel command line? Driver? Anything?
edit: is touch possible as well?

Reply 1# Andy
Updated: 7'' lvds connected to Banana Pi

Cool again!

I'm really eager to learn more about that !

I was long waiting for a display for the Raspberry Pi, they have none til now... Mobile devices with a hdmi adapter are a quite crappy idea due to the extra power consumption and space needed for it.

I would say this nice hack opens complete new possibilities to the Banana Pi, witch the Raspberry does not have and will not get in the near future as it seems.

Would be very nice to hear more details, a howto would be a fantastic. Don't torture us any more (-:

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