RGB Display Connected to Banana Pi LVDS Interface

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Please let us know more details.

Ping? Details?

I am interested in this for an car computer add on.
Is it a touch screen as well?

Hi can anyone share 3,5" lvds display compatible with BPi?

Reply 7# Andy
Hi Andy,
great work. Could you please share some more details about how you managed to get the display working?
Like script.fex, settings etc.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Best Regards

Hum, I have some dead Compaq LTE 486.
Do you think those oldies already had LVDS display ?

I bought 2 kd50g21-40nt-a1 5" LCD's,  but the 40 pin connector signaling is different than that of the BPi. I just ordered two 40 pin FPC breakout boards and will wire it up this week. Success or not, I will post my results.

It shouldn't be too difficult. Just a matter of cross connecting each signal correctly, and powering the LED backlight with a proper power supply.

I'm not sure if there are any bootloader/kernel options that need to be adjusted yet, I'll search around for that in the mean time.

I sure wish Andy would answer some questions about this screen.
Where he got it how much was it. Did he get it to work off the shelf.

Looking at the 7" lcd picture from Andy, the image on the lcd shows an Innolux bar code. I went through all the datasheets I could find for 7" Innolux lcds, but none matched the BPi wiring so far.

I connected a B089AW01 netbook display to the Banana Pi.
Datasheet: ... ets/B089AW01-V1.pdf
The Banana Pi schematic (page 9) is useful as a reference for the display connector pinout: ... agramm_BananaPI.pdf

Most difficult part was soldering the LVDS wires which are coax cables with just 0.35mm diameter. Also I didn't have a 40pin FPC so I used two 14 pin FPCs. It needs 5V for the LED backlight and 3.3V for the logic. So I used a stepdown module from ebay to convert the 5V to 3.3V.

Datasheet page 19 shows the required connections:
IPSOUT to step down input and to VLED.
Stepdown output to all 3.3V inputs and to LED_EN (this is probably not the best idea, see below).
Don't connect DDC
RX0+ = LCD0-D0
RX0- = LCD0-D1
RX1+ = LCD0-D3
RX1- = LCD0-D4
RX2+ = LCD0-D5
RX2- = LCD0-D6
RXC+ = LCD0-D7
RXC- = LCD0-D8

Details about configuring the LVDS interface can be found here:
Just a quick summary:
Timing (datasheet page 22):
Vertical blanking typ: 25 => lcd_vbp = 25
Horizontal blanking typ: 320 => lcd_hbp = 320
Driver constraints:
lcd_ht >= (lcd_hbp+lcd_x+4)
lcd_vt >= (lcd_vbp+lcd_y+2)*2

  1. lcd_ht = 320+1024+4 = 1348
  2. lcd_vt = (25+600+2)*2 = 1254

  3. lcd_dclk_freq = 50
  4. lcd_used = 1
  5. lcd_if = 3
  6. lcd_x = 1024
  7. lcd_y = 600
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In section [disp_init]
screen0_output_type = 1

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