Can't connect to bananapi using SSH

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I tried to set up a vpn server on bananapi.
I used ssh to connect my bananapi.
I set something wrong and now I can't reconnect to bananapi.
How can I fix it?
Is the only solution to burn bananian image again?

(I don't have monitor and keyboard)
What's the error message? I've connected directly using bananian yesterday.

But because I had installed raspbian, I first had to delete $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts file to re-identify the freshly-installed-os.

I used this tutorial to set up vpn ... secure-web-browsing

After reeboot I can't connect to bananapi (Network error: Connection timed out)
I think problem is in bad network configuration setting.
I don't know how to fix it. I think I need to reinstall Bananian


connect a monitor and a keyboard and check it directly on the console without SSH.

I don't have minitor and keyboard.
I had to reinstall bananian

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    If you use putty, need to upgrade to the latest version, release 0.63 works, 0.62 does not.

Yes, this work for me 0.63 goes and 0.60 not, thanx!

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