Green light keeps blinking

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Hi All
I have a new Banana Pi and I have tried loads of different Linux distro's available of several Banana Pi sites. and all i get every time is a blank monitor screen and a a blinking green light.

here are the steps taken to load the Linux distro on to the SD card and the trouble shooting actions I have tried.

1. download the Linux version Img.
2. Unzip the file using 7-Zip.
3. Format the SD card using SD formatter.
4. Use win32diskimager to write the image to the SD card
5. try to boot the Pi using the image.

I have tried different SD cards of different sizes, also different version of Linux for the Banana pi including Fedora, Android, Opensuse. They all have the same systems, am I missing something or is my Pi faulty?

Please help
How have you connected to your monitor,hdmi or hdmi-dvi adapter?
If it's a hdmi-dvi adapter then you could try connecting to a hdmi tv,if you have one around.The adapter is known to be problematic.

If you have a pc and a router you could try and see if ssh wotks.

My Banana Pi works fine but the green light is blinking nonstop.
The OS is running but the green Light never goes off , every second two times.
How can i get it off?


Yeah it is connected Hdmi to Hdmi, I have a raspberry pi which works fine with the same setup but the banana pi just doesnt seem to want to boot it either has to be the OS or the Pi itself which am doubting. thanks

Reply 5# crucialsparky

You could try disabling EDID in the uEnv.txt file and see if it works.

Or if you have an old analog tv around you could check through the rca connector.

Or if you have a serial cable you could connect it to J11 and see the boot messages in your pc terminal.

If you have a pc and router you could use ssh and see if it connects.

Thanks that did the trick all up and working now

Hi, you can try also this :
echo 0 >  /sys/class/leds/green:ph24:led1/brightness (1 turn on and 0 turn off)

crucialsparky and SashiJoseph,

Please I am kind of new to the banana-pi. Please how do I disable EDID in the uEnv.txt file. I am using using windows to do this. My Pi doesnt have an RCA port.
SSH does not work at all.

Please help. My device is almost useless to me at the moment.

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