How to Use the Instagram Close Friends List for Business

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Instagram has recently introduced a brand new feature known as “Close Friends” that permits you to send non-public stories with a choose group of individuals, your regular followers or the ones you searched through ​buy Instagram followers uk.

Now you'll be able to create a detailed friends list on Stories to share with simply the those whom you’ve added in it. This new feature provides you the chance to share a lot of personal moments with a smaller circle of friends. It provides better privacy options.  

How to add people to this list?
1. visit your Profile page. you'll be able to get here by clicking the lowest right-hand corner of your screen.
2. Turn on the 3 lines icon within the right corner of your screen.
3. Click “Close Friends”. Click “Add” next to the usernames of individuals that you just would love to feature to your list, or “Search” to go looking for a particular friend.
4. Once you’re finished adding users, tap “Done”. Remember, that you just will update this list at any time, and also the users won't be notified after they are either added in it or removed.

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How do I share an Instagram Story solely to my “Close Friends” list?
Once you’re able to begin sharing Stories, here’s the way to share it along with your close
Friends solely.

1. Click the circle with a white star within. this can take you to your “Close Friends” list.
2. choose that Friends to add into this list. Instagram can mechanically provide you with suggestions which are based upon the history of accounts you interact with the most.
3. Post your Story! Whenever you would like to post a story with Close Friends, simply Click the small circle. rather than the same old purple color, close Friends can currently see a ring around your story.

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How am I able to use the “Close Friends” feature for my business?
As the “Close Friends” feature simply unrolled a couple of days ago, we are already excited about finding ways we can use it to expand our business.
By using this simple feature, brands can form a personal list, a fan club or a paid subscriber list. In this way they will not have to search for people, they can just simply keep all such contacts in one place with whom they want to interact differently. For example, to share exclusive content,
ideas, event dates and details, news about the launch of any new service or products.
For Example, if you have thousands of followers and you want to post information about the launch of your new product line, then you might want to ignore such a large number of feature,

you can make this content available to just your CLOSE FRIENDS list. (Worried about losing followers? Find how to ​Couchtuner.)
Also, if you work with Influencers on different campaigns, you can create this special list and share the information about promotions with them only!

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