Bananian GMAC VLAN problem

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Hi, I'm trying to use the banana pi in combination with a managed switch as a router.
The problem is that the current sunxi-gmac driver logs every vlan frame on info level. This was already described in a post on the official sunxi mailinglist 2,5 months ago [1]. It's only a single line patch but apparently noone is using the vlan support as this bug still exists. It also blocks the system with 100% cpu load from rsyslogd.

I tried to build a patched version of the sunxi v3.4 kernel with the existing kernel config on arch linux, but failed doing so.
I used the gcc 4.7 linaro gnueabihf toolchain according to [2] but ran into an error with paths pointing to /home/bananapi :

  1. $ make -j4 ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- uImage modules
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  1. make: *** No rule to make target '/home/bananapi/bananapi_src/linux-firmware//rtlwifi/rtl8188efw.bin', needed by 'firmware/rtlwifi/rtl8188efw.bin.gen.o'.
  2. Makefile:945: recipe for target 'firmware' failed
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Any insight into whether this could be fixed in a future build or help with the build process for a banian kernel would be greatly appreciated.

[1] ... ook.arm.sunxi/10568
Are you cross-compiling or compiling directly on BPi itself?
Is the path /home/bananapi/bananapi_src/  valid?

You could try building with the help of instructions here :,_script.bin_and_linux-kernel

I'm crosscompiling on x86_64 with arch linux, but didn't use the banana pi source. Ill try that and report back.

ok I run into the same error with the banana pi source. Any other ideas?

Is the path /home/bananapi/bananapi_src/  valid?

Nope not at all.

That's in the kernel .config file, so you've probably copied the old config over.

In Menuconfig it's under Device Drivers->Generic Driver Options->Firmware blobs root directory

You should download the full set of blobs somewhere (git://, and then change that setting to the directory it's in.

Thank you, that did the trick.

A quick test:
300 Mbit/s for VLAN in
140 Mbit/s for simultaneous traffic through vlan in and untagged out.

the fix applied:
--- a/drivers/net/ethernet/allwinner/gmac/gmac_desc.c
+++ b/drivers/net/ethernet/allwinner/gmac/gmac_desc.c
<at>  <at>  -49,7 +49,7  <at>  <at>  int desc_get_tx_status(void *data, struct
gmac_extra_stats *x,

         if (p->desc0.tx.vlan_tag) {
-               printk(KERN_INFO "GMAC TX status: VLAN frame\n");
+               pr_debug("GMAC TX status: VLAN frame\n");

I have the same problem.

Being a bit unfamilar to compiling kernels:

Is there a chance for eleminating this bug in
future standard kernels for the bananapi?

Until than I use this little script in cron.hourly
  1. #!/bin/sh
  2. grep -v "GMAC TX status: VLAN frame" /var/log/syslog > /var/log/syslog.mod
  3. cp /var/log/syslog.mod /var/log/syslog
  4. grep -v "GMAC TX status: VLAN frame" /var/log/messages > /var/log/messages.mod
  5. cp /var/log/messages.mod /var/log/messages
  6. grep -v "GMAC TX status: VLAN frame" /var/log/kern.log > /var/log/kern.log.mod
  7. cp /var/log/kern.log.mod /var/log/kern.log
  8. exit
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This has been added to the Roadmap for the next minor release:

The release is planned to be published in October.

Interesting. I configured VLAN trunking yesterday and am getting very low throughput: iperf gives me 1.57Mbit/sec! Is this also what you guys are seeing? And does this problem go away  once the kernel debug message has been removed?

Never mind. Turned out that was indeed the cause!

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