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You will need the credentials of your Gmail / Google account(username and password) to reset the security lock. If you have set up asecurity lock on your phone without first setting up a valid Gmail / Googleaccount that you can remember, you should contact or your service provider to helpperform an external reset to clear the memory of your phone start again.
You must test the pattern lock or access code 5 times to havethe opportunity to reset the phone with your Gmail account. If you cannot drawthe correct unlock pattern on the screen after five attempts, the phone willask you to wait 30 seconds before you can try again. If you forgot the screenunlock pattern or the security code, touch Forgotten (or access code). You willbe asked to sign in with your Google account and create a new screen unlock.
Recover Google password without phone number
If you forgot your Google password or are unsure, but rememberthe name of your Gmail / Google account, you can use a computer to access yourGmail account and Gmail will send a link to reset your account password toanother of your E-mail accounts. Follow the steps below to reset the Gmailpassword for your phone with your computer:
1.    Use acomputer to visit forhelp.
2.    Fromthe Gmail sign-in page, click on the "Cannot access your account?"
3.    Followthe steps indicated by Gmail to recover Google account.
4.    Check"I forgot my password", click on "Reset your password here"to go to the next screen below.
5.    Enteryour Google / Gmail address (including "@"). Press send.
6.    Copythe captcha text at random and enter the field.
7.    A linkwill be sent to reset the password to your backup email account that you hadset up during the initial Gmail setup on your computer.
8.    Onceyour login information has been retrieved, use that information to unlock yourphone when you are asked to re-enter your Gmail credentials on the screen.
9.    If youforgot any of your other Gmail information as described on the Gmail helpscreen below, click recover disabled Google account.

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