freezing under high load

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Hi All,

I'd like to ask, there are some reports that the BaPi freezes under high network load, for instance ... k-when-cpu-is-busy/


but they seem to use RaspBian (which is not optimized for the CPU of the BaPi)

This leads me to the obvious question . What about Bananian and high network load, is the BaPi also freezing ?

Thanks in advance
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Hi faggot,

Get the new Bananian Linux. No problem with high loads anymore.
Nico did awesome work on avoiding these shit!

Read first, spam later!

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This is sometimes caused by the old kernel config.

Thanks Tony,

@all: in this review ... tier-than-raspberry

the reviewer claims that thruput of the NIC is only 233 MBit/s, which is far away from the 1Gbit which is theoretically possible.

So my next question, has anybody done some thruput measuring with a recent kernel, how much traffic the GBit NIC is able to handle ? Should not be to complicated with iperf, netperf or Jmeter.

Thanks in advance

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I have read this article about a month ago. 233 is really far away from 1GB. But gmac speed is effected by many issues. I remembered that I have seen a 300+M test on Banana Pi, but I forgot where.

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But it is really more faster than Raspberry Pi..

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