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how can i use the Serial Ports in Lubuntu on the BPi ?  Do i have to activate them before i use them? Because when i list all Serial Ports it wont set any output to Enabled no matter where i put my serial connector. (-> When trying all Ports)

Has any one used the serial port before?

kind regards
Reply 1# Timo

Which serial port did you use? If you use the debug serial port, please see ... ing_TTL_serial_port


Which PINs are ttyS0 to ttyS4 ? None works, ive tried all.

The GPIO J11 TXD and RXD always sends Debug Output while booting, even if i disable console output in uEnv.txt ? Why does that happen?

What i want to know is on which pins to i have to plug my TXD RXD Cable to communicate from the BPi (using Minicom).


If you just want to use the serial port in your own program, you can use the tx and Rx in the con3. Please see more details here, 14 and 15 floors. You should check ttySX is tx and Rx .
The J11 serial port is debug port.

Could figure it out with that post, works great now.

Thanks a lot

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