BananaPi power down on high cpu usage! Watch out!

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This piece of shit still power down when cpu usage is about 80-90%.I have running only transmission-daemon and mounted NTFS external hard disk.
Something is wrong with this board.
Watch out and don't but it!
PS. I use 5V/2A power charger.
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Installed Transmission on Bananian. Managed four paralel downloads, total speed peaked above 3MB/s for 50 minutes. Only issue was the windows remote gui was disconecting and reconecting randomly. Files downloaded OK. Downloaded to SD card. What OS you are running?

NTFS external USB hard disk
Total download speed about 5 MB/s
CPU load about 80-90%
Bananian OS
Shutdown every 5 minutes after download resume

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The Bananian OS is the first time that released. Maybe some bugs. Nico will fix them.

The same on Raspbian OS!

You have two problems:

1. Transmission
2. NTFS.

Formatting to ext4 will decrease your CPU load, also linux will handle it natively, not over ntfs-3g driver.

Transmission itself uses high cpu, I'd sugegst compiling rtorrent.

I've left the BPi over high cpu for over an hour (series of compiling), nothing happened. It's running 24/7 as file, web and download server (usually rtorrent downloading stuff).

If both fails (ext4 and rtorrent), I'd suggest to contact with your seller and try to replace the board. You may be lucky.

There is no problem with Transmission and NTFS because when I connect my usb 2.0 pendrive board works well under high cpu load.
Problem occur when I attach my usb 3.0 external drive. On high cpu load board still shutdown.
I use 5V/2A power supply but it doesn't help.
It should be enough for external drive and banana pi.

you sure the power supply is reliable?
just to confirm you could try powering the drive with a powered usb hub(that is if you have one lying around or can arrange one).

External powered hub can be a bit tricky...should be one which does not allow back-powering.
else the board can be damaged.

Haxy, seems, that you encounter the same problem I did. It's power issue - mesure voltage on acin testpoint (near power micro USB connector). If it drops under 4,7-4,9V - that's your problem. Power the board with another source, that allows minor voltage adjustment, and use as short or as thick as possible wires and connect it not to micro USB, but to SATA power (in parallel with power micro USB). I have setup, that runs WD MyPassport Ultra 2Tb (torrent, samba, webif) network, RTL-SDR, and system overclocked to 1,2G. All 24/7, stable.

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