Magnetic Filter quotation

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Magnetic Filter Bars are designed to separate small ferrous particles. This type of system may be included in any point of the processing or transport of a solid product or liquid flow.
The construction systems of this type of magnet features a high degree of resistance to corrosion and wear. This filtering system does not consume energy and is easy to clean.
Maximum magnetic attraction strength.
A high and inexhaustible magnetic power source
Easy to clean
Does not need maintenance
Eliminates virtually all metallic particles
We have standard diameters: Ø16 – Ø19 – Ø22- Ø25 – Ø28 – Ø32  – Ø38 – Ø50, but depending on where it will be used, we can produce bars in any diameters needed. Also, the length of the bars can be according to customer requirements. The ends of the bars can have screw holes of M8 or M12 sizes at one or both ends, although the ends can also be sealed and flat, or made to customer requirements.
  Magnetic Filter quotation

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