Banana Pi IR Driver

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Might give that a try Nnn2. I still want lirc working because I want to use gpio for sending signals as well.
I still can't get lirc working.
I have modified the HAL config and it is not using the infrared port anymore.
But it still is setup as a keyboard.
I tried to add a xorg config file so xorg is not setting it up as a keyboard. I don't no if it is but I can't think of anything else that I can change.
Hoy can I tell if xorg is the problem.
Tony do you have any idea? Is it the kernel?

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Sorry, I have no experience for using lirc. If you have some ideas about kernel configuration, I can help you.

All I want to know is if the kernel sets up the infrared port as a keyboard and if so can the keyboard side be turned off and just have the device free so I can talk to it with lirc.
It really has nothing to do with lirc at the moment.

Is working for banana pi?

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I think it can. You can just configure as the wiki said!


i do all of things on the sunxi wiki about LIRC

but I still can not get any result

this is my dmesg
input: sunxi-ir as /devices/virtual/input/input0
IR Initial OK

I think the driver is loaded
(but not shown in lsmod)

I dont know what can I do for next step??


Tony (or anybody else) can you please provide makefile for this driver? I'm not advanced as much to take and adjust other IO driver as you've mentioned.

pohybel replied at Wed Jul 22, 2015 13:40
Tony (or anybody else) can you please provide makefile for this driver? I'm not advanced as much to  ...

You can now just try to use LIRC according to the thread ... 86&highlight=IR
The IR driver written by me is just a try to configure some special IR sender.

I think I've already checked all solutions related with IR but none meets my expectations. As i wrote in some other thread the problem with /dev/input/event0 is that I'm not able to distinguish which remote control sends signal since all signals are mapped to keycodes with value<256. My BananaPro is located in leaving room where I have 2 remotes (tv + sat) and additional remote for Banana board. Sometimes when I press button in tv remote control it executes some action on my Banana which is unacceptable.

What I need is full ir_data - not just one byte keycode. This way I would be able to distinguish remote controlls.

irdriver presented here looks promissing and I would like to check it.

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