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Life Nutra Keto Inthis way you will be conducting a training provided. If you want to get to thesummer with a perfect figure you will have to hurry your training as much aspossible within what allows a healthy activity. In this sense, your trainingshould be at least 3 to 5 times per week. Check with your trusted technicianhow many times per week will be appropriate for your particular case. Keep inmind that if you spend in the amount of weekly workouts you can suffer aninjury and, of course, we do not want this to happen. Therefore, leave somedays a week for your muscles to rest and thus avoid muscle fatigue. These havebeen the exercises to reduce fat and obtain a toned body for the summer thatyou can perform in your gym. We encourage you to start these exercises today,so that you have time to get to the summer with perfect abs and figure. It isimportant to note that the loss of weight does not have to be at odds withlowering the number that marks the scale. We tend to focus and take it as anaccurate and real measurement of which we are, we climb into it with fear andtrust in what it tells us. It warns us if we have lost kilos, we maintain or ifwe have increased, but it does not tell us in what way we have done it. We mayweigh less because we have lost muscle mass or it is even possible that we feelmuch stronger and lighter and the scale marks a couple of kilos more. How is itpossible? The scale does not tell us the whole truth. There are many parametersthat are not able to assess, within the variation of our weight may be that wehave gained muscle mass, fat, we have greater water retention or even that wehave not gone to the bathroom in those days as often as we should. Maybe wehave lost weight, we are more toned and stronger and even then the scalecontinues to set a higher number, has that ever happened to you? Many peoplewho join the gym with the idea of ​​feeling more toned and thin are worriedwhen they see that after crunching exercising, they have gained a few kilos of weight.Although it seems strange, this is something very usual, let's understand it inthe following way.

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