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Hello everybody!
First I bought a tiny banana-pi case made of plastic, but this one didn't fit my design needs for my desktop. So I went back in time to my old case modding skills and tried to built a pi-case out of an old IDE USB Case. Haven't seen IDE drives for years know so I don't think I could use it any more :-D

Here is my resulting case:

on my Desk:


These ugly holes on the left side of my case will be closed in the next few days with automotive putty and painted black.

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Really creative work...

Did you use some special tool to cut the holes for LAN,USB etc or just a plain knife or sth?

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Well, I used a box column drill and a triangular file for the USB and LAN connector holes. Perhaps I build up a 3D case model in my CAD later and  request a metal workshop to built it up a more professional Way. Espacially the hdd mount is not as professional as I would like to have it. I'm thinking about some sort of changeable device without opening the case. The actual one is build up on four screws directly through the bottom plate of the case. This method is some kind of quick and dirty, because its a metal bridge for sound propagation and the case itself seems to build up some kind of resonating body. Therefore the hard disk spinning sound is not as silent as it could be.

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If you could share your later 3D file, I want to print a case for a try

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