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Banana Pi + CT Ewell Case

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***************************  Disclaimer  *****************************
This post is not intended to discredit Cubietech nor any of its products!
It's just the result of my own bad luck with Cubietruck (CT) and the need of recycle
remaining Ewell case(s)

This is my built of what I called "Chinese Box", made with 2 CT Ewell cases like these:

My CT died (or in any case does not boot anymore) so I left with 2 of these cases along with the rest of what I was building with CT.
One case was for CT itself along with a 2.5" sata hard disk, and the other for a USB lcd character display from Sure Electronics (fits like a glove):

The original idea with CT was to replace or improve my Raspberry Pi (RPI) built:

CT started to malfunction after I tried to put it inside the case along with the hard disk.
Perhaps I touched the memory and gave it a static discharge.
Also sata cable is not too flexible and touched the board making pressure against when case is closed.

Then I realized to leave CT inside the case but flip the base with hard disk inside, and use the remaining base of the second Ewell case to join it as an external case for disk. With a couple holes, sata cable would not be in the way anymore.
LCD display will be on top of everything:

(In this picture the display is getting info from RPI)

But in the end CT just stopped working when I was planning all this.
Fortunatelly Banana Pi (BPI) came to save the day

The new idea was to put BPI where the disk would be and leave sata drive inside the case.
And to add a larger base for everything with an extra usb hub with external power.
That base would be a black aluminium case also from Sure Electronics that I bought by mistake, they were out of the right one...

So after received BPI I put my hands to work (as well as some duct tape):

(Front is one of the acrilics that came with CT)

Display is screwed to top of the case, and can also turn

First run of Chinese Box with Raspbian!


And Android!

And this was just the beginning...
Stay tuned for more updates!
So cool. What other application did you do use cubieboard or raspberyy pi?? Could you PM your email???

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Reply 2# tony_zhang

Here my log for Raspberry Pi, you will see a list at the beginning with applications:

And here what I made with Cubietruck:

I started on Banana Pi with Raspbian 3.1 and ported almost everything, I haven't yet finish.
I tried some of Android v2.0, but I rather to wait for a updated version with fixes.

Will post more updates about progress, but in the meantime a cool pic of both running at the same time:

PS: PM sent!

this looks an immensely expensive setup. what does the box with the 1900 LCD in red actually do? Is it measuring power input?

It's just a picture of the hour (19:00) Camera didn't catch the blinking semicolon at that time...
I am not doing this for the money... but for learning, I love DIY, tinkering, lights, leds and lcd displays.
Somebody asked me the same about money in the Raspberry Pi forum, and my answer was that if I wanted everything already done I wouldn't be involved on this and I would use a Windows PC instead (and I have a good one)
But this is just a personal project, gathering many things togheter that I wanted to do it for myself.
I am not selling anything, but if something of this may guide or help people in the process, I will be more than glad!

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