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Officially supported Linux OS for Hikey 970!!

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Hi guys, we are glad to announce that Shunya Os will be the officially supported OS for Hikey970.

Documentation Link : http://docs.shunyaos.org/boards/hikey970.html
Download Link: http://releases.shunyaos.org/Hikey970/
Hi Nik,
Excellent ! Thank you for sharing.

Do you know if there exists some tutorial like "How to build Shunyaos from source" ?
According the Release notes, it seems to be generated with the Yocto project, but is there any recipe available (Poky version, layers to add, etc.) ?

Thanks & regards,

Hi Charly-D,

Currently ShunyaOS is fully supported by us. You can list down all of your change requirements and we will try and do it for you if they are small changes.

Alternatively , if you still want to customize it your needs , I can send you a pre compiled RFS for armv7/v8 .
I will make it and release on this site too within 2-3 days.

Feel free to write back and ask any other queries you may have.


Hi Nik,
Good for your sharing.

Unluckily, when I upload your newest ShunyaOS to my Hikey970, the screen turned black.
The phenomenon is strange. Before I logged in, it was all right. But after I logged in, it showed nothing,
I tired with shunya and root, but all failed.

Hope for your help.


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