What is LeMaker ? You Banana Pi documentation differs from the original.

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Hello !

I stumbled upon this forum while searching for a way of redefining the Banana Pi BPI-M3 pins.

I don't understand what are your products. You do custom OS and software for the Banana Pi/PRO and other boards ?

Also, how active is the forum ? Because the
http://forum.banana-pi.org/ is kind of dead.

I know that Rasbian doesn't work on Banana Pi, because I've tried installing it and it wouldn't boot, but I've found Raspbian on the Download page of the Banana Pro... sooo does this mean that it works now or that it is custom-made for the Banana Pi ?

I have also seen software for GPIO, like https://github.com/LeMaker/WiringBP, made to work on the Banana Pi.

So, my question is: how can reap the benefits ? What OS do I need to download and install on my useless Banana Pi M3 to make it work.

Also, my issue with the Banana Pi M3 is that I'm trying to drive RGB LED panels with it using https://github.com/hzeller/rpi-rgb-led-matrix, but its creator has no intention of implementing support for the Banana Pi. I am able to drive the RGB Panels with a Raspberry Pi Zero, but the Banana Pi has 0 output and when I'm saying 0 I mean it. I've measured the pins using an oscilloscope and there is nothing there. This led me to think that I have to make some sort of advanced voodoo in some config file or kernel settings and that's why I've started searching.

But now I am more confused then ever.

Also, are you offering support only for the Banana Pi 1 ? Because I'm using the Banana Pi M3.

All I really want is to make the Banana Pi's pin behave just like the Raspberry Pi Zero pins.
So the forum is dead and only bots are actively posting advertisements ! Thank you for letting me know ! Peace !

Please delete my account ! I won't be needing it !

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