How to add battery to keep rtc time

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If I power off the bananapi, the rtc time will lose. So, when re-power on the system, the time is old. So, is there any method to add battery to keep the rtc time.
It is a problem

RPi also have the same problem.   I heard the founder of Raspberry Pi Foundation, Eben Upton, said the major issue is to add a RTC battery onto RPi is unbelievable expensive.  For low cost single board computer and target educational charity, personally I think this is not a critical issue here.

In addition, I saw there is a space for battery on Banana Pi board.  (BAT for external battery, BAT1 for RTC battery).  Maybe someone could try to wire out a RTC backup battery manually.

Reply 4# Raymond
I need to know the PN for the BAT1 connector, or else, it easy to break the board.

Does someone has an idea on how to use these BAT connectors ?

BAT1 is for RTC; BAT is for external battery.  You can check the mark of "+" on the board.

Cant you make a software fix that grabs time from someplace and updates it onboard? Seems cheaper and easier than adding a battery.

Reply 8# ChicagoBob
of course, use ntp, however, if no network, how to solve it?

if no network, how to solve it?

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