Why Packing for PET Preforms?

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Packaging for PET preforms with quality certificate that guarantees the safety of foodstuffs

Compared to other beverage containers, PET bottles are subject to particularly dynamic innovation processes and are the preference of the industrial sector. All organizations directly involved in one or more stages of the food chain are required to comply with an international standard that ensures food security throughout the supply chain.

All parts of the market are striving to reduce their ecological footprint to a minimum, including reducing weight, obtaining adequate packaging, better damage resistance and greater capacity of PET preforms, which increases the number of reuses.

We have developed an adequate management system that ensures food safety and improves food safety throughout the supply chain, in the case of Tecnicarton, as a supplier of containers and containers. packaging wellpackeurope.com/jiffy-foam-wrap that comes into contact with food.

Wellpack are specialized in the design and production of customized industrial packaging and we have packaging solutions for the food industry: corrugated packaging for the PET preform production industry, such as our Tecni-Pet stackable at four heights or our customizable octabins, preform transport and storage solutions that make the most of the space available in the installations.

Thanks to our packaging solutions, it is possible to optimize the number of preforms that each packaging unit is able to contain, thereby helping to protect the environment. In addition, the packaging improves the possibility of stacking up to 1000 kilograms, and the security during loading, maximizing the available space of the repository allowing some of its elements to be reused a greater number of times so to reduce the final budget of the entire process and the cost of manufacturing the packaging itself. It is not necessary that the injection and blowing phases are carried out together, but according to the storage needs that arise among the producers.

In this busy world, most people depend on packed foods to live. The packaging is essential for preserving food from getting old and wastage. Also, it keeps the quality, helps to preserve the food well for the people. So the proper packing is required.   Signal Booster

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it is very interesting

it is very interesting

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