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Hello @ all

my first steps of using the banana-pi is to install arch-linux.
I bought a fast 32GB SD-card and installed the 4GB-Arch-Linux-Image.

My problem is to use the full SD-Card-Space for my Root-Partition. Is there any way to enlarge the root-partition on the full size of the SD-Card?
Or is any other image-file is existing to use a 32GB-Drive?

Greetings, waldguru
maybe you can reference the comments
http://forum.lemaker.org/viewthr ... highlight=partition  

You will have to insert the card into another system, remove the rootfs partition, create a new one with the new size and resize the filesystem with resize2fs


thank you for your replies. Meanwhile I found an easier way. I used gparted under Ubuntu. With gparted you can extend your filesystems without problems. So I can use the full size of my sdcard.

Greetings, waldguru

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