Overview of Microsoft Band 2 Smart Bracelet

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Microsoft officially announced the new smart band bracelet Microsoft band 2 on its Windows 10 back in October.

We know Microsoft for the production of the operating system and Office suite. But the company has gone a long way and even in addition to the various most popular devices has begun to produce fitness trackers. Microsoft has now released two generations of them: the first was, so to speak, lumpy, but the second, recently released, was created without such flaws as his brother.

The new fitness tracker has an updated design, a curved screen and many different functions. In fact, it has many characteristics and functions for different types of activities, but loses the competition among fitness trackers because of its water permeability. But when we made the original Microsoft Band, we gave one of the lowest ratings to this device.

Microsoft Band 2 appeared recently and immediately took a lot of place in the hearts of Microsoft fans. The main highlight of the bracelet is that it is not a tablet or even an ordinary smartphone. Many were fans of the first generation Band, since such a device is significantly different from Fitbit or Seiko Watch rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/seiko/ fitness trackers.


The previous group of devices from Microsoft was let down by design, but not characteristics. And although the new tracker is designed in a new way, this does not mean that it is the fastest or most convenient for you to wear it.

But, it certainly looks cooler - it's a kind of cross between the first Microsoft Band and Samsung Gear Fit. Nevertheless, such a bracelet is more like a real gadget compared to its rivals than a simple accessory.

The cost of Microsoft Band 2 is about $ 246, this is an affordable price for such a gadget, and Fitbit Surge has such a price. Of course, while there is no information about bracelet sales in different regions, we don’t know whether it will be on the shelves of Russian stores.

The materials used in the bracelet, such as glass, rubber and metal, are an excellent combination for such a device.

It is thicker than his elder brother, the battery compartment disappeared out of sight into the inner area, and the fastener at the back ceased to be thin. Everything sticks out very funny and sometimes strongly rests right on the wrist. The main material is matted rubber. Manufacturers claim that it does not cause any allergic reaction, even if your hand perspires - you are safe. The bracelet is fastened using magnetic fasteners, which are located at the ends of the main part of the device.

Microsoft claims that they listened to customer reviews and tried to eliminate flaws like the stiffness of the strap. We tried to wear Band 2 inside and out, and although the design is not the same as the first part, it is still not flexible enough to wear it for a long time. We are glad that the edges have become smooth, but we are afraid that Microsoft is again serving the useless design department.

The curved display is pretty nice. The screen is 32 x 18 mm, 320 x 128 pixels, the display is based on AMOLED technology, covered with Gorilla Glass (by the way, this coating protects the screen even from cuts of diamonds or sapphires), the whole range of functions on the TFT panel was found in the original. With this resolution, of course, you will not watch cartoons or films. But the image quality was very pleasing to us, there will not be a dispute with it.

This distinguishes the new device from Microsoft from many of its rivals and Band 2 is much more than any smartwatch (well, more on that later), for example, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone and so on.

The display simply responds, the text is easy to read under any lighting conditions, and, as expected, the gadget is very easy to use, as it is run on Windows-esque, which works well on thin horizontal screens.

You can launch the screen by clicking on the main button at the bottom (which the basic version offers visually), and then swipe left on the screen on which you can select a song from the applications you need. The developer also offers us several color themes, you can also configure the metric on the device along with the clock - it will count the steps, floors you walked, calories, heart rate, and so on. To do this, use the middle button.

The initial installation is very simple and the entered indicators, so to speak, bring up the screen, it captures everything that you do. The bracelet is very easy to install and works naturally, even if this is your first time installing software on Band 2.
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