Got the board installed the Droid software need help

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Got the board today. Thanks,
Burned the Android image onto an 8GB SD card.
Used Phoenix to do it.
Plugged in a mouse and power and all I have is a red rectangle in center of the HD monitor?
Any ideas?
Could you paste the monitor display picture here. I have test the Android image, it works well.

I went backwards and reformated the card still nothing. I reformated the SD card for Raspberry Pi and I am typing from the BananaPi now. I was really worried I had a defective unit.
I can paste the image from the monitor from Android but all it gave me was a black background with a red rectangle on the screen, black in the middle and nothing else. No words nothing. I can paste it if you must see it.

I am so sorry.
I finally got it working.
I missed checking the option to make the SD card a Startup under the Phoenix utility.
I now have a Android running and am trying to figure out how to go from Chinese to

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