How to set proper actions for reset and power button

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Where can I find config file for the buttons on the BananaPi?Now reset and power button don't work correctly.
What did you mean of "don't work correctly" ??

Pressing power button don't run shutdown - h now command
Pressing reset button don't run reboot command

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I have been searching this forum and looking through pictures on this website and I can't seem to find anything that helps CLEARLY HELP set up the banana pi. I have plugged in a 5v-1a miniusb power supply in the spot CLOSE to where the HDMI cable goes, a wireless keyboard, and I plugged in the HDMI cable to my TV checked TV settings that it was on HDMI, I then put a 4G SD CARD in,  and then I PLUGGED in the miniusb 5v-1a power and NOTHING HAPPENS... What gives???

EDIT: I click on the "Power Key" NOTHING happens from the way I see it on the pitcure, that's on the home page and when I click on the "RESET" button I get a RED Light but, that is all I don't see it booting up or nothing, so I ask again what gives???

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Can someone PLEASE HELP me with this, I don't feel safe doing anything else, out of fear I may mess something up.

EDIT: I think I am having a bad SD CARD connection but, I was hoping to see some flashing on the RED LED diode but, I guess I will just have to keep digging aimlessly for some guide which I would hope that lemaker would make a DETAILED ... PDF file guide on how to properly set up and power on the banana pi hardware...I have yet to SEE anything anywhere about rather or NOT the "POWER KEY" or should I say in my case the "RESET" button needs to be pressed to see any action, such in my case a RED LED light...

sudo apt-get install acpi
This package will allow OS to access physical buttons.

Now run sudo acpi_listen. Press power button on your banana. On console you will see something like that line:
button/power PBTN 00000000 00000000
each time you press the power button on banana.
Next step is up to you, you can write a bash script to handle this action and perform shutdown. Or write a simple program that handles it in any programming language. It is passed by STDOUT.

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that is simple.

Install acpid:
  1. aptitude install acpid
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Create the following files:

1.) /etc/acpi/events/button_power:
  1. event=button/power
  2. action=/etc/acpi/
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2.) /etc/acpi/
  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. shutdown -h now
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Make executable:
  1. chmod +x /etc/acpi/
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Restart acpid (ignore error messages..):
  1. /etc/init.d/acpid restart
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Press power button and the Banana Pi will shutdown (or whatever you define in!

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Great infos !

My bananapi dont auto startup (boot) when I plug the power on...
May be I can find a solution with acpid
OR it is an Emmc/bios config (to auto restarting when power is on) ?

Thanks !

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