Banana Pi BPI-AI (Web:AI) with Kendryte K210 RISC-V chip design for AI/AIoT

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BPI-AI design with K210 RISC-V chip design.An integrated artificial intelligence SOC chip solution that can accommodate neural network models, using a new risc-v instruction set for the field of artificial intelligence and edge computing. The main target market is the AIoT and STEAM education market,it support screen and camera. so easy to do many AI application, cowork with Webduino team. and support Webduino blockly for STEAM education.

==Key Features==
*64-bit RISC-V CPU Dual-Core, up to 400MHz
*IMAFDC (RV64GC) ISA extension
*Hardware FPU (Float Point Unit), Double Precision
*32 KB I-Cache per core and 32 KB D-Cache per core
*8MB On-Chip SRAM 128Kbit One-Time Programmable Memory (OTP) ,Read Only Memory (ROM)
*Camera and screen interface
*WiFI (ESP8285)
*JTAG, OpenOCD support

==Type Applications==
*AI for Edge Computing
*Smart Building
*Medical equipment
*Automation & Process Control
*IoT applications
*STEAM education

hardware interfact:
BPI-AI interface.JPG

wiki page:

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