Get RS 07 Twisted League Points for Rewards in Main Game

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New game mode OSRS Twisted League starts on Nov. 14th 2019 and will end on Jan. 16th 2020. In the Twisted League, players can complete different tasks to gain league points, which can be used to exchange for new rewards.

Difficulty of OSRS Twisted League tasks

Tasks in the Twisted League allow you to earn league points and unlock relics that buffs your character. In the league, there are 495 different tasks to complete, ranging from reaching a certain level in a skill to getting a certain amount of boss kills. Tasks span five different difficulty levels - Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master. Here is the amount of points for each difficulty level:
Easy - 10 league points
Medium - 50 league points
Hard - 100 league points
Elite - 250 league points
Master - 500 league points

Rewards converted from league points

Your earned league points will be converted to reward currency in the main game to spend on the following tradeable rewards:
1. Cosmetic outfits
Three tiers of cosmetic outfits representing the Twisted League
Can be stored in your player-owned house
Each tier costs exponentially more points
2. Cosmetic banner
Main-hand slot banner representing the Twisted League
Costs a relatively low amount of points
3. Twisted horns
Can be combined with a slayer helmet to make it Twisted League themed, which requires 1000 slayer reward points
Can be removed from the helmet
Costs a medium amount of points
4. Home teleport animation scroll
Can be used to change the Home Teleport spell animation to a Xerician-themed one
Scroll is consumed on use
Costs a medium amount of points
5. Player-owned house wallkit scroll
Can be used to unlock a Twisted League themed house style
Scroll is returned when changing house style to something else
Costs a high amount of points

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