Banana Pi PIN Definition

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Hi all.

Someone could tell me direction of CAN GPIO for the banana pi ?

On CON3-P16 (CAN_TX): Is it input or output ?
On CON3-P18 (CAN_RX): Is it input or output ?

Thanks a lot.

Please! Somebody! Explain me, how I can use J12 pins like GPIO? Whats number of pin ineed to use, if I do it with WiringPi, into Terminal.

I make VT100 serial terminal hardware for me.

It is very simple device - one serial port + one VGA + one PS/2 keyboard.
I suppose, that serial port on J11 is 3V3 logic. Am I right?
Total consumption of terminal is about 25mA/5V (depend on used keyboard), can I power it from J12 pin 1 + J12 pin 8 of course??
Does anybody have dimensions for making PCB for headers? (it mean distance between J11, J12 and CON3) ??
Thank you

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