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Core Ubuntu Server 14.04 Image

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I have created my own Ubuntu Image which has nothing installed unimportant, so it's a core image.
The image has neither an installed Gui or other unimportant programs.

The image can be normally copied to the SD card of BananaPi, like any other.

Here the users and passwords:

Username: root
Password: bananapi

Username: bananapi
Password: bananapi

Please change the password!


Without SSH-Server:
-> Google Drive

-> Direct

With SSH-Server:
-> Google Drive

-> Direct

Write me please if the download does not work!

Please give me feedback if the image works.
For questions or problems, I'm glad to help.

Have fun!


Since the repository  currently makes problems and you can not install any software yet, please do the following makes. I have solved the problem with the repositories. To be able to install any software you need to replace the folder /etc/apt with the folder which you can download here.

Thereafter, an apt-get update and now you can install any software which is available for disposal.

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s there a posibility to have normal Ubuntu 14.04 server, without GUI,

Trusty with both kernels.


thanks for the image. I downloaded the one with ssh. But I have some problems. I want to run this sertver on it - mailinabox.email and I experienced problems with:
1. Sudo. Was not able to use sudo and su root. Had to google for solving it.
2. Repositories problem: I can't download packages I need. for example python3-pip. I've tried to add repositories edited /etc/apt/sources.list but no luck. I even copied apt folder from existing Ubuntu to your image installed on my SD card. No luck with that.

Is there a posibility to have normal Ubuntu 14.04 server, without GUI, but with all normail packages and repositories in it so I can install it on my SD card, plug it in Banana Pi and install mailinabox server on it. This would be perfect for me. SSH server is also a must.


Hi michiboy1996, I'd like to try your image but I really need it has a SSH server already installed, I'm totally headless. Would it be possible to create another version?

Does it have ssh server on it?

The SSH Server is not installed. When you start the Image you need to install the SSH server.

Hi Michiboy...
Wanted to try your image but the rather large file size(3.4G) is keeping me.

Could you upload a compressed image please?


Reply 4# sashijoseph

Hi sashijoseph

I have compressed the Image with bz2. I have updatet the download Link.
Have fun!

I agree.
An image should always include a SSH server.
Even a small one like DropBear might be a good idea


I have now uploaded the image which also include the SSH server.

Have fun with it!

I'm going to try! Thanks

Reply 9# rodvlopes

   No problem. Please enter me know if you are happy with it.

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