Possible Ways to Solve RS 2007 Mobile Failed to Contact Server Issue

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According to some players’ reports, OSRS failed to contact server issue exists when they try to login the game on mobile. If you have the trouble logging into the game with “failed to contact server” message, read the information below to find a solution.

OSRS Mobile down from December 4th

Some players have faced OSRS Mobile failed to contact server issue this week. There is the message saying OSRS failed to contact server on mobile and “Please check your Internet connection” when players try to log into the game. This issue happens both on iOS and Android according to players’ reports.

How to solve OSRS failed to contact server?

Although there is still no official statement on this OSRS Mobile failed to contact server issue, you can try to deal with this trouble with some possible solutions. According to players’ feedback, you could go to the OSRS website on the phone, click world select and choose an Australian world. It will ask you if you want to open in the app and then it will connect. You can try this method before the issue is fixed by Jagex.
Sometimes OSRS failed to contact server issue on mobile happens if your WiFi signal is weak or drops for a short period of time, which makes your phone switch between WiFi and mobile data. If the signal of LTE on your phone is stronger, it’s a better choice to use it to avoid OSRS Mobile down.

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