Backup battery on Guitar

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I need to use a backup battery on Guitar (carrier rev.B) to keep hour and date. I connect the 2 pins (Li-BAT of the carrier board) to an external battery (3.6V).
If the battery is connected during boot phase, the system will not load the Android app and is stuck showing a battery icon on display (7').
In this phase I need to push the button START (on carrier board) to restart and load the App.

Otherwise if I switch on the system and during the boot phase, the battery is disconnected, the APP si loaded properly and if after this phase I reconnect the battery the system is able to keep hour and date.

But I cannot neither push the START button after every boot neither connect the battery after boot phase, therefore How can I keep hour and date by usign an external battery on Li-BAT pins?

It's quite urgent, so a propmt answer is appreciated!

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