BPI-R1 open source router

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Congrats on the new BPI-R1 open source router!

I stumbled on it while browsing banana-pi.com this morning.

I posted a quick announcement on my blog about it, which automatically tweets it too

Reply 1# mikronauts

    Very interesting info. Thank you.

You are most welcome... I am most curious about that board!

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Dear Mikronauts:I saw your great evaluation report about Banana Pi from your website.  Very detail and informative!  Love it very much.

Would you mind I share that article URL address on www.bananapi.org either or in GoogleGroups thread?

Dear Raymond,

Thank you!

Please do share the link to my review - everyone is always welcome to link to my reviews!

Reply 5# mikronauts

   Many thanks!

[size=10.6667px]You have not shared any details regarding the open source router. It will be helpful if you share some details regarding the router that can be helpful for the people to indulge more in the networking connection. Try to update the details accordingly. www.browserfreeze.com/

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