OTG support by Bananian

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Hello! Is OTG supported by default in bananian. Nothing happens on my Banana with bananian when I connected usb flash.
So, how to activate OTG support ?

Thanks for your perfect job.


Reply 2# tony_zhang

I'm trying to get the otg working too, but I keep getting the following error:
  1. make will not execute and completion _make exists.
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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't have a fantastic lot of experience with recompiling kernels etc.


That means you don't have all the tools you need to build the kernel in place.

If you are trying to do the build on the bananapi itself try running the following first
  1. apt-get update
  2. apt-get upgrade
  3. apt-get install build-essential u-boot-tools uboot-mkimage libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev git libncurses5-dev
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Reply 4# pgk

Great, I am one step closer, but I get a new message:
  1. make: *** No rule to make target `menuconfig'.  Stop.
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I've tried searching for menuconfig in /lib?
Thanks for your help so far

You do only need begin from the step Config the script.fex

Reply 6# tony_zhang

I'm going to sound really daft and I'm probably missing something obvious, but on the first partition, I can only find script.bin, uEnv.txt & uImage?

Also am I correct in saying that after I've edited this file (which I can't find) then all I'll need to do is compile it to a script.bin and replace the existing?

Appreciate your help on this!


Reply 7# markodeablo

Hi Mark..
the script.bin is what you're looking for.
Since it's in a binary format you can't edit it first need to convert it to text format(script.fex) using the "bin2fex" tool.
After editing the fex file you need to chane it back to script.bin by using the "fex2bin" tool.
More info here :,_script.bin_and_linux-kernel   in the section titled Building script.bin

else you can skip the dirty work and try the attached script.bin which I've edited according to the link posted by Tony


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Reply 8# sashijoseph

That's awesome! it works like a charm.

A massive thanks for your help matey, I now have 3 usb devices connected!


I've added this to our bugtracker:
So it might be included to Bananian.

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