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is lakka project for banana pi dead ? there's nothing new for a month

Great news for bpi gamers, like NES & GBA

How to get Lakka r19691 to work on BPi? I'm just getting a black screen with "Settings" on the corner.
This happens with other builds too.

it's a known problem. i hope this problem will be patched soon.

Hi! I have successfully installed Lakka.tv (r19691) on BananaPi... the only problem that I get is the annoying "flickering effect" in the main menu.... anyone knows why this is happening?


is the 19691 fully navigational? Ill install it today and see if it is in a fit state to run. Im a bit disappointed in its PSX freezing but that said it takes alot more legwork to set things up and when the menu didnt work in the first builds, its no wonder no one has posted anything about its feasibility to run psx. Might be that lakka handles input a bit smoother. Lakka is missing sega cd support though, but dont quote me on that

the psx emulator fails because there is a bug in the cross compiler (http://www.lakka.tv/articles/201 ... -is-taking-so-long/ - "We need some people with very solid knowledge of C and cross compilation, to help fix the pcsx input bug"). The PSX will not be usable until you get a distro directly compiled on the banana pi device, or the bug gets fixed.


The new version of Lakka is running on BPi. You can download here: http://sources.lakka.tv/nightly/ ... r20321-g690bef0.tar.

The bug of black screen was fixed yesterday (16).

For me there are some bugs, for example, can't use any GamePad, just a half of buttons work, but using a keyboard works fine. Some emulators doesn't see to work too, but I haven't tested a lot.

Hope you enjoy

Hallo can anybody help me,

I have installed Version 20150130130659-r20504-g57a7349 of lakka.tv. And now I didn't know how to change the Key layout. I have connectet keybord and keypad. keped was deteckted and with keybord I can control throw lakka.tv menue. Cursorkeys works for navigation, Y and X works to go in and out a menu point. But if I go to Input Options, ther I can't change any key. I tried every key on keybord and nothing changed.

HW: BananaPro

NBGabber replied at Tue Feb 3, 2015 07:01
Hallo can anybody help me,

I have installed Version 20150130130659-r20504-g57a7349 of lakka.tv. And ...

What do you mean?

Your gamepad doesn't work on Settings, or you can't change settings?

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