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Hi dear friends. I have being reading some around here and maybe someone here can help. I have used Lakka in a Banana Pi on an HDMI monitor and PS3 joysticks no with no problems, but after I copyed this script file and insert the ps3 controls it turns the banana pi off.
Any suggestions?
Best regards

I have found out about the control, and set up the Lakka in the TV by composite for video and jack for audio.
Got great emulation on SNES and Genesis so far, but NES, Master System, GBA and other consoles have terrible crackling audio.
I have tried to change the audio output (lowering the kHz to 44,1)  on the retroarch.cfg as well removed "EDID:" from uEnv.txt, but still get terrible sound.
Any other suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

Um I don't really know if anyone's interested.. but I done this little youtube to show people a quick and easy way to get lakka running on the bpi 3,5 or 7 inch lcd...if you watch this. please don't take offense of how I am in my youtube. And hope it help someone...


i haven't been able to get sound out of the earphone jack... if anyone can help with any info please let me know..

If anybody still have working lakka image for bananapi?? For example 2.1. Official versions 2.3 do not work. And all earlier images were deleted.

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