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Just Compiled and uploaded a .img file of Lakka.tv

you can download it here
https://drive.google.com/file/d/ ... 0U/edit?usp=sharing

Its a WIP distro, so you can't expect all to work, as far as i tested, you can use Snes and Genesys emulators, PSX freezes in some rooms.

For more info visit Lakka.tv

For sources visit
Good job! thx!

hello there, i downloaded image, it works great but only with hdmi. i tried with tv (using composite out) it didn't work. how can make it work with tv out ? and is there any documentation on how can i compile myself

i generated 2 script.bin files for each (hdmi and tv out) i use one by copying it to sd card. i attached both.


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I also downloaded this image but i can only going around and around in the menu. How to use?


just copy your rom files to an usb stick and plug it in, it will automatically detect roms. if not, use quit retroarch option (it will refresh)

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The image i uploaded it's a bit deprecated.

you can compile directly from lakka.tv github with:

git clone https://github.com/lakkatv/Lakka.git
cd Lakka
PROJECT=Bananapi ARCH=arm make image

This will take a wile, arround 2-4 hours depending on machine, and depends in some grade of your internet connection, many sources are downloaded.

The image for flash the SD is on the Lakka/target directory, on a .tar container.

You can put your roms also via samba, some emulators need bios (mame and PSX) that must be placed on /system directory.
You can access the banana via ssh with root/root

For more info visit http://www.lakka.tv/doc/Home/

Tomorrow i'll upload a new image. with psx emulator (savegames don't work), and some improvements,

Does it work with mame roms as well? which version?




All the emulation is done via Retroarch.

The image has, in this moment working (Tested by me)
MAME (For mame it uses imame4all)
FBA (arcades)
Game boy/ GBcolor

The menu has some rendering problems, i supose it's a problem of the mali-drivers from allwiner.

You can download de nigthly build for bananapi.

I don't know the exact state of the nighly

http://sources.lakka.tv/nightly/ ... 541-gd0cb427.img.gz

uncompress  and flash to SD

I'm getting a strange behaviour:
The first 11 menus are black. I can only read at the top left the menu, i.e. "Settings", "2048", "Dinothawr"....
Then, when I reach menu "Playstation 1" the menu appears. You know why? I'll test the new image as well.
I'm using HDMI to DVI adapter to a 19" monitor with 720p resolution.



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