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"the boy said," Hey why do die falcon alchemist is that you said, "I know how to put themselves into the wind the next day, the boy climbed a huge rock near the barracks. sentinels allowed him to pass, they had heard that he was able to wind themselves into sorcerer so reluctant to approach him, not to mention the desert is an insurmountable Great wall a whole afternoon, the boy has been staring at the desert, listen to your heart. desert hear the boy and his fears desert speaking the same language on the third day, commander summoned his principal officers to go and see the wind to turn herself into a boy. "he said let's go to the alchemist alchemist replied the boy led them where he visited the day before, and requested they all sit down and take a little time. "The boy said, we do not hurry," the commander said, "We are beginning understand that you are somewhere in the sand, there is a woman waiting for me, and I have to turn into the wind desert silence for some time in order to allow the wind up, I can give you my sand . But I can not get anything done alone. Wind to help you find it a breeze started blowing up tribal officers from a distance, looked at the boy boy talking about a language they do not understand the alchemist smiled wind close to the boy, touched his face. The boy heard the wind and just talk desert, because the wind is always omniscient. Prevails in the whole world there is no birth and no dying place youth courageously marked. Her work in the cold, harsh pioneering in Cool, and with the strength to confirm his own glory. She dared to candidly reveal their own hearts. Flowers, she presented to the beautiful people, the fragrance spread in the world, the universe overflowing glory; she Ganaiganhen, the goodness and integrity to the truth, the immortal Pitt gave snow blue sky, leaving the sweet land of mountains, bathed in happiness on earth. She dared to bear the burden of affection, candy hearts dare to climb the people, for their encouragement, cheer for their Acura, make them get started along

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