How to debug Android system in bananapi board

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Execute the following command under the directory of "android" ,and you will get android system.img file under the directory of "out/target/product/wing-xxx/".
  1. $ .build/
  2. $ lunch    //choose wing-xxx
  3. $ make systemimage-nodeps
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After getting the system.img file,you have to flash the img to your bananapi board by the tool "fastboot":
1. reboot your board,click any keybutton at your serial software interface,and then it will get into u-boot ;
2. Enter the command"fastboot" at the serial software interface,then it will get into the fastboot mode ;
3. Enter the windows command line: "cmd" ,execute "fastboot" at command line(You have to install the tool fastboot before),copy the system.img file to the board.
  1. $ fastboot erase system
  2. $ fastboot flash system system.img
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