07 Runescape Mythical Max Cape Guide: How to Create & Use

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Players are able to create the new mythical max cape after the update. Read the details below to learn how to make this cape.

Create the new mythical max cape OSRS

The mythical max cape is a new cape available after the update on July 2nd. The mythical max cape can be created by using a mythical cape on a max cape. The mythical cape can be purchased from Jack at the Mythical Cape Store on the top floor of the Myths' Guild for 10,000 coins.. The max cape is sold by Mac on an island west of the Warriors' Guild.

How to use the mythical max cape?

When the mythical max cape is created, the max hood that is required to be in the player's inventory during the cape's creation is automatically converted to the mythical max hood.
Like the other max cape variants, OSRS mythical max cape does not have the max cape's stats or perks. The cape only acts as a cosmetic upgrade to the mythical cape, but it can still be used to perform the skillcape emote.
Mac can refund a max cape, along with its variants, as long as you have both the hood and cape in your inventory. Notice that capes combined with the max cape will be lost upon refund and will need to be earned again.

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