Finally up and running. Have another question

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Last thing I had to fix was to tell it to use the Ethernet in the settings. This was not done by default. I am using a keyboard to input and cant  find a way to get rid of the PI keyboard. Is there a setting for that? It eats up way too much space.
The Ethernet should open in the settings. And the keyboard can be hidden by click the button at bottom left when it jump up.

But every time you type the keyboard pops back up.
Its like a small fly buzzing around your head. Annoying.
I just want it to stay hidden until I have a touch screen to
connect this to.
I have another issue audio does not seem to be coming out the HDMI.
Is that true? Or is it a setting?

Reply 2# tony_zhang

    Sorry I wanted to say. No the ethernet was hidden in the settings panel by 3 dots.
Not sure how to screen capture the window otherwise I could show you.

Reply 4# ChicagoBob


Audio is working things are really looking good.
I am on a roll now, have netflix, hulu plus, can play video from my Nas drive. This just rocks.
I noticed that NetFlix isnt streaming HD. Is that not available yet in Android 4.2?
Do have any idea if you will have the newer version of android ready 4.3 I think it is?
Anyway thanks for all the help. This is one powerful little box.

Reply 6# ChicagoBob

Android 4.4 will release in the future.

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