Learn Runescape Hunt Locations for Christmas Yak Track 2020

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RS Yak Track returns for Christmas 2020 event! This time you could enjoy RS Present Hunt to find some presents by using magical jingle bells.

How to get Magical jingle bells RS3?

RS magical jingle bells is an item used for Present Hunt tasks in The Knight Before Christmas Yak Track event. You can obtain magical jingle bells from Robin in Burthorpe when asking how RS Present Hunt tasks work.
When magical jingle bells are rung, they will automatically highlight any presents within a 20 tile radius of you for a minute, and give clues on where the presents are located. You will find RS red present when there is a red dot on the minimap.

Christmas RS Present Hunt locations

Here are some known locations for RS Present Hunt in Christmas 2020:
1. Hint: A castle with a bridge of heroes
Location: Falador Castle, just north of main door
2. Hint: A city that is frequented by Trolls
Location: Burthorpe, south-east of the lodestone and near Xuan
3. Hint: A guild that is dedicated to restoring the past
Location: Archaeology Guild
4. Hint: A marketplace with a central ring
Location: Varrock Grand Exchange
5. Hint: A small town with slime problems
Location: Rimmington
6. Hint: A swamp that is the result of decay
Location: Lumbridge Swamp
7. Hint: An abbey that is famous for its music
Location: Citharede Abbey
8. Hint: City square with four crossed swords
Location: Centre of the fountain in Varrock square
9. Hint: Mountain where it always snows
Location: Ice Mountain, north side by the White Tree
10. Hint: Room fit for a Duke
Location: 1st floor of Lumbridge Castle
11. Hint: Tower with portals to a different realm
Location: ground floor of Wizards' Tower
12. Hint: Small village that is popular for its willows
Location: Draynor Village, south of the bank
13. Hint: Village with two names
Location: Barbarian Village, north-east of the Stronghold of Security entrance

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