No power on Sata Jack FB3

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I tried to use external HDD on Banana Pi via the original cable set. But, it did not work.I tried to measure the 5V on the white conncetor but found 0 V.
Is there a possibility to switch that power on?
HDD will be detected when powering the HDD externally.

you probably used the wrong usb connector to power your bpi. You have to use the "dc in"  labeled one _not_ the "usb otg" one. I also did it wrong and had the same issue. I also measured 0v at the sata pwr header.

Reply 3# eggert No. I used the white connector with original cable prepared for that.

Reply 4# ckuehnel

   Where are you connect charger/power supply via microUSB jack? To USB port between SATA power and SATA data line? Or something else?

Reply 5# sylwek2k
I power the Banana Pi via microUSB and connect my USB device over a powered USB-Hub to one of the USB connectors. The HDD I power separately now.

Reply 4# ckuehnel

    it seems you misunderstood me, you power the bpi via usb, right?

There are 2 usb ports on the board, one powers the white connector, the other not.

If you don't use the usb between the white connector and the sata it will not work

Reply 6# ckuehnel

When using a powered USB hub make sure it does not backpower through the usb cable ie. the usb hub's connector which you connect to the BPi's usb host should not have the +5V from the hub's power supply....some people cut off the +5V line of the hub's usb connector just to make sure.

If you've connected your adapter to the correct micro-usb port as suggested above by eggert then probably the ferrite bead FB3 is open...check it's resistance with a multimeter.

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I will do the measurement this evening.

Reply 7# eggert

Do you have schematics of BPi? I searched for that but had no success.

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